Digital Fiber Initiative

The challenge: New digital business from data and wood fiber process innovations


Today, the global industrial landscape is in full transformation, while giving companies unusual latitude to influence future industry structure. The industrial renewal can only be possible if industries are prepared to unleash global opportunities for value creation through digitalization, advances in automation, big data and the Internet of Things. From supply chains to customer experience, digitalization is changing the way industry functions, particularly in processing and manufacturing sectors, yet enormous untapped potential remains.

The key enabler for harnessing the benefits of digitalization is a lifecycle plant management from engineering to operations. With COMOS software, Siemens can carry out integrated plant asset management projects over the entire industrial lifecycle. Whereas, the open cloud-based Internet of Things platform – MindSphere - connects machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world and provides powerful industrial apps and digital services.

The companies in the forest industry (including pulp & paper) are facing a dramatic upheaval. The demand for traditional paper – for example, for newspapers or office use – is declining about five percent annually worldwide, while the demand for fiber products continues to grow. What’s needed is methods and process innovations by which new materials could be produced from wood fibers.

What are we looking for?

With the aim to build a cross-industrial innovation ecosystem of technology companies, solution providers, engineering and consulting companies, as well as end customers and OEMs, the Digital Fiber Initiative is looking for solutions that increase productivity in the forest industry throughout the value chain from engineering to business operations within the New Digital business from data and New wood fiber process innovations

Companies of all sizes with a capability to address these categories are invited to join a Digital Fiber Initiative and become a part of an innovative ecosystem, paving the way for new forest industry solutions. The proposals can be related to but not limited to for example:

  • Back-end data gathering infrastructure such as sensors and actuators
  • Connectivity and data aggregation, measurement, control and upfront processing
  • Front-end data analytics, uptime optimization, real-time informatics, predictive maintenance
  • Enabled virtual concepts leveraging the capabilities of existing digital infrastructures
  • New wood fiber process innovations for end customers, e.g. cellulose fiber wet-spinning
  • New business or service concepts
  • Industrial apps or digital services

What do we offer?

Successful applicants will pitch their ideas to Siemens and VTT in October 2017 and will be invited to co-develop their solutions together with a joint team of forest industry and IoT experts. During the co-development phase, the winning team will get access to:


How it works?

The application process to the Digital Fiber Initiative is divided in two phases:

  • In the open invitation phase, interested participants should submit their cooperation proposals for initial evaluation by Siemens and VTTs at the Apply section of this webpage. Selected participants will be invited for the Innovation Day event, to be held in October 2017, in Finland.
  • Short-listed companies will move to the second co-development phase, that will run from October to December 2017. These companies, together with Siemens and VTT, will go through a joint assessment of objectives, requirements, and other core principles for a collaborative relationship, moving towards piloting and commercialization

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